One day in early 2014 whilst working a boring office job, I decided I didn't want to work the 9-5 grind any more. I'd always made my own jewellery and mixed-and-matched my pieces in ways that I felt represented me, so started making them for friends and family and giving them as gifts, and so my little business, The Trinket Tree, was born!


I have a passion for travel and have explored my beautiful homeland (the UK) extensively, as well as Europe and, most recently, India and South East Asia, further increasing my already strong love for trinkets!


My vision is to expand The Trinket Tree, combining it with my love for other cultures by providing my customers with pieces from across the world.


I'd appreciate any feedback from my customers, and if there's a product you think could fit in with the ethos of The Trinket Tree that you'd like to see here - let me know!